Building Web sites in-house  
If you re the typical person building a Web site, you re building one for an organization, 
whether that s your company, your church, your bowling league, your family, or some 
other group of people with whom you re affiliated. If your organization is typical, it 
would like to build and update its Web site in-house.  
Perhaps the site was built by a contractor who didn t get it right, or it s maintained by a 
contractor who charges too much. Or maybe the contractor isn t responsive with updates. 
Bringing your Web work in-house offers to solve these problems, but Web work is 
complex, and requires a high level of coordination. It requires strong project 
management. If a Web project isn t managed correctly, building a Web site in-house can 
be much more troublesome and costly than hiring a contractor.  
The Visual Learner s Guide to Managing Web Projects shows executives, managers, and 
everyone else involved with an organization s Web site how best to build and maintain it. 
It describes how to plan a site, train staff, conduct site construction and implement 
maintenance procedures so the site is effective and stays that way. 
Web publishing process and procedures 
This book is not a nuts-and-bolts manual for the technical aspects of Web development. 
Rather, The Visual Learner s Guide to Managing Web Projects is a  big-picture  guide that 
describes page structure and design procedures, as well as a sound site-building process. 
This process involves Planning, then Organization, and finally Construction. Since Web 
projects also require staff training and site maintenance, the process described is 
comprised of five stages: 
This process figures prominently in this book because it s the most important factor in 
creating effective Web sites. For instance, professional Web firms often spend twice as 
much time planning and organizing a site as they do coding it. Web professionals know 
how much time, effort, and frustration can be saved by working according to a systematic 
process, and this process works equally well for in-house Web staff.  
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