Identify the decision-maker 
Determine who has the final say 
An organization s Web site may represent several divisions or offices, each with their own 
ideas and goals. Getting them all to agree on what the site should do, contain, and look 
like can be extremely difficult. 
 People in charge of building a Web site shouldn t try and facilitate agreement among a 
site s different constituents. Instead, they should deal directly with the person responsible 
for the site s success. This Decision-Maker should have the authority to make final 
decisions about the site. Getting approval from one person minimizes confusion and 
Identify subordinate decision-makers 
Sometimes an Art Director, Communications Director or IT Manager must approve 
work that relates to their area of expertise. Make sure these people are identified right at 
the beginning of the project. 
Tip: Avoid committees  
For a Web project to be successful it s almost always necessary to have one person with 
final approval authority. The cliche  a camel is a horse designed by committee  exists for 
a reason; many professionals in creative fields won t work on projects without a single 
decision-maker giving approval.  
Ringing the bell 
 Some years ago, we were invited to compete for the Rayon Manufacturers  
Association account. I duly presented myself at their headquarters and was ushered 
into a pompous committee room. 
 Mr. Ogilvy,  said the chairman,  we are interviewing several agencies. You have 
exactly fifteen minutes to plead your case. Then I will ring this bell, and the 
representative of the next agency, who is already waiting outside, will follow you.  
Before launching into my pitch, I asked  How many people must okay the 
advertisements?  Answer: the twelve members of the committee, representing twelve 
  Ring the bell!,  I said, and walked out.  
David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man, Athenaeum, New York, 1963 
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