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Building a Web site involves a wide variety of disciplines editing, layout, graphics, 
programming and very few people are good at all of them. Also, many Web sites quickly 
grow beyond a size that one person can manage and maintain. That s why most Web sites 
are built by teams, rather than by a single person.  
A typical Web team includes these positions:  
Site Coordinator 
The Site Coordinator is responsible for organizing a site s content, developing a work 
plan, managing the site s construction, and keeping it consistent. Ideally, the Site 
Coordinator will have some Web publishing experience, but it s not necessary. Project 
management skills and the ability to organize information are more important.  
Site Builder(s) 
The Site Builder creates the site s pages and links them together. People who have worked 
on print publications often do well at site-building. It s good to have more than one Site 
Builder on a Web team because this distributes the workload and furnishes a backup. 
The Editor writes the site s text and edits it to be clear and concise. The Site Builders then 
incorporate the Editor s text into pages. Often the Site Coordinator and Editor are the 
same person. 
Graphic Designer 
The Graphic Designer creates the site s look and feel, and produces graphics for it. If your 
organization has an in-house graphics person who produces print graphics, this person 
can be trained to do Web graphics as well. 
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