Teams shouldn t include more than eight people: sociologists have found that humans 
tend to work best in groups of two to eight. A five-person Web team should be able to 
build and maintain a site of around 250-2500 pages. 
If your organization s site will contain enough content for many thousands of pages or 
grow to that size distribute the work among several teams. Each team can work on one 
or more of the site s main sections.  
Site Coordinator 
5,000 page  
Web Site
Team I Coordinator 
Team II Coordinator 
Products section 
Services section 
(2500 pages) 
(2500 pages) 
When operating multiple teams, one person from outside the teams should be responsible 
for the entire site. Just as a newspaper has an Editor-In-Chief with final say on what gets 
printed in the Sports or World News pages, a Web Site needs a Site Coordinator 
responsible for integrating the work of individual teams. Each team should then have its 
own coordinator. 
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