Determine if outside help is needed 
When building a Web site, most organizations require some sort of outside help. This can 
be as simple as talking with a Web hosting company about uploading pages, or as 
extensive as hiring an outside design firm to develop page templates. 
The chart below lists common situations in which outside help is necessary, along with 
solutions to the problems they present. 
Warring fiefdoms 
Bring in an arbiter 
Your organization contains 
Someone from outside the organization can be 
several divisions, each of which 
brought in to  referee  meetings, break logjams, 
considers itself the most 
and give an unbiased perspective. If the arbiter 
important. No division is 
keeps the site s audience and purpose in mind, 
preeminent, but each tries to 
it can be built according to what external users 
dictate the site s content.
want rather than what internal politics demand. 
 Information architects and user-experience 
consultants people who specialize in the 
organization of Web sites do well in the role 
of arbiter.
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