Tip: Use IT staff only for technical work 
When organizations first began publishing Web sites, Information Technology staff were 
the only people with enough technical knowledge to do the work. Network 
administrators, technical support staff and programmers got the job. Now that Web 
publishing is less technical, limit the involvement of IT staff to the technical aspects of 
site-building, such as server administration, database integration and enabling e-
commerce functions.  
 IT staffs tend to be very busy with technical work too busy to put up Web pages. Also, most IT 
people prefer technical work: a Web server administrator would rather fine-tune Linux code than 
sit in meetings. IT people were hired for their programming and networking abilities, not for 
their design and writing skills. Play to their strengths, and save them for technical work. 
Site built by IT staff 
Same site rebuilt by 
communications staff 
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