Plan  19 
Conduct an initial meeting 
Before work on the organization s site actually begins, it s good to hold an initial meeting 
of everyone involved with building it. The members of the Web team, outside consultants 
or contractors, and the Decision-Maker should all be there. 
Explain the process 
The Site Coordinator should explain how work on the site will progress (according to the 
Plan Train Organize Build Maintain process), the role of audience testing, and 
other aspects of site construction described in this book.  
Manage expectations 
This is also a good opportunity to answer common questions about site construction, 
such as how long it may take. This initial meeting should give the people involved with 
the Web project realistic expectations of what it will take to build the site, and a clear idea 
of how work will proceed. 
Initial meetings produce a better site  
 When we built our first Web site, it didn t go well. We just gave our brochure to 
someone inside the organization and had him start building the site based on it. We 
got a site that loaded slowly, with strange navigation and blurry graphics. Our 
members didn t like it. 
Now we re building a new site, and having several up-front meetings before work 
begins on it. We re getting a lot of input as part of the process, and we re getting a 
much better site.  
Pamela McElrath, Communications Chair, Greater Richmond Technology Council 
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