Budget for software, hardware, outside help, training 
Site-building and graphics software costs between $100 and $500 per computer for each 
Web team member. Also, make sure that each member has a reasonably up-to-date 
computer to run the software.  
If the organization doesn t have an in-house graphic designer, set aside $2000-$10,000 to 
pay a professional graphic designer to generate design models and templates for the site. 
Good training is essential for people to be effective at Web publishing. For people who 
have the time and inclination to learn it, the how-to books and online resources listed at 
the end of this book offer an inexpensive way to acquire top-notch skills. However, many 
people need classroom training with a live instructor to get started. Quality Web training 
in a classroom costs $175-$325 per person per day. If an organization trains five people in 
the recommended five-day curriculum, it should plan for a total training cost in the 
$5000-$8000 range.  
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