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Microsoft FrontPage  
FrontPage (version 2000; $149) is the 
default choice for many organizations 
using Microsoft Office. Its interface is 
similar to Word, and the current 
FrontPage 2000 is a vast improvement 
over previous versions. However, it 
retains some quirks: graphics can be 
difficult to insert, and altering the layout 
of a page can change it in unintended 
ways. Also, it generates proprietary 
  HTML code that doesn t work well with 
all browsers. The proprietary format can 
be switched off, but when it is some 
functionality is lost. 
NetObjects Fusion  
Probably the easiest site-building 
program for novices to learn. Fusion 
(version 5; $300) arranges its functions in 
a colorful, user-friendly interface. Its clear 
controls allow people to lay out Web 
pages with precision. But to gain 
precision, Fusion sacrifices flexibility: 
pages created with it can t stretch or 
contract to fit the size and resolution of 
the monitor used to view them. 
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