Plan the curriculum 
A common practice among organizations is to order how-to books for their Web 
publishing staff and say,  Okay, you ve got two weeks to learn this. Go.  Or they send 
their Web publishing staff to a two-day HTML or FrontPage class, then put them to work 
on a site. This usually does more harm than good: cursory Web training teaches people 
just enough to be dangerous. 
Training through books 
If your Web team s training is done through self-study books, take care to choose good 
ones, and give your team sufficient time to practice. Most how-to books are too text-
heavy, containing too much  tell,  and not enough  show  to be really helpful. Use 
Visibooks, or the Hands-On Training books by Lynda Weinman. Also, give the Web team 
members at least a month to work through the books and practice what they ve learned. 
Web-based training 
Web-based training is often inexpensive, but it s not very effective when teaching 
computer subjects to beginners: it s difficult for people to learn from the computer while 
they re working on the computer.  
Classroom training 
Classroom training costs more than books, but it can be very effective, especially for 
people who aren t computer-savvy. Students learn by making mistakes, and having a live 
instructor handy to correct them puts many people at ease. 
If you send your people to classroom training, send them to several days of classes. 
Building Web sites is complex work, and four or five days of classroom training is 
necessary to learn the basics well. Everyone on the Web team should get at least two, 
preferably three days of training in the organization s chosen site-building program. Each 
Web team member should also receive a day of Web graphics training. 
Day 1 
Day 2 
Day 3 
Day 4 
Day 5 
Web Graphics 
Site Planning and 
Usability (morning) 
Exercise (afternoon) 
It s also helpful to get at least a half-day of  soft skills  training in Web site planning and 
usability, the things that make Web sites effective. Another half-day can be spent 
practicing what they ve learned.  
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