Cover relevant topics 
Many Web books and classes cover arcane tasks and seldom-used features, such as laying 
out pages using Frames and adding scrolling marquees. Rather than learn everything 
that s possible, it s better to concentrate on learning what s probable. Make sure that the 
books or classes you choose cover fundamental tasks such as laying out pages using tables. 
Then have the Web team practice these tasks to reinforce what they ve learned. 
Here are guidelines for what your Web team s training should cover: 
 Site-building Programs (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.) and HTML 
The Basics 
Set up a Web site 
Open an existing Web site   
Format text   
Find and replace 
Create links to new pages   
Check spelling 
Create E-mail and external 
Insert META tags   
Change HTML code 
Insert graphics 
Create a navigation system 
Layout and Navigation 
Interactivity and Teamwork  
Lay out pages using tables   
Create Web forms   
Create navigation bars 
Use style sheets 
Add subsections to site 
Employ templates   
Place tables within tables   
Upload sites to a Web server 
Link to an external site using 
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