Train  39 
Tip: Include an HTML overview 
 Although current site-building programs can be used to lay out sites with a fair degree of 
precision, sometimes manual code-tweaking is required to achieve a desired look or 
effect. Make sure that training includes an overview of HTML.  
 This overview should impart a basic understanding of how HTML works, and show how 
to make changes to the code of a page. Even if it only teaches Web team members how to 
delete a basic 

 tag, training in HTML will be helpful to them in their day-to-day work. 
Web Graphics Programs 
 The Basics 
  Creating Graphics 
GIFs vs. JPGs 
Employ Text tool 
Create GIFs 
Drawing and painting (zoom, 
Create JPGs 
paint, pencil) 
Resize graphics 
Cut, erase, replace (pen tool, 
Crop graphics 
eraser, magic wand, select color) 
Employ layers 
Formatting graphics   
Retouch (clone tool, blur edge, 
Reduce the color palette of 
sharpen filter) 
Balance image quality and 
file size 
Make GIF backgrounds 
Convert print graphics to 
Web format 
Create thumbnails 
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