Site Planning and Usability 
Identify the site's Audience 
Proceed according to work plan 
and Purpose 
Coordinate work of production 
Determine the resources 
available to build it 
Test and review site 
Get approval for work  
Being clear and concise 
Develop a work plan 
Chunking and group information  
Gather and organize site 
Site blueprint 
Conduct user surveys 
Establish site update procedures 
and guides 
Comprehensive Exercise 
Generate a site blueprint for a Web site of your choice. Then build a site 
based on that blueprint that includes: 
At least 12 pages 
A consistent, user-friendly navigational system 
Links to external sites using frames 
E-mail links 
At least one original graphic on each page, and at least one illustrative 
graphic aligned with text. 
A table-based look and layout that stays consistent throughout the site 
A non-functioning response form 
Train the Technician differently 
The team s Technician should be familiar with the organization s site-building program 
and how to create Web graphics. However, since most of the Technician s work will 
involve coding and programming, HTML and JavaScript training may be substituted for 
classes in the site-building program.  
 Also, the Technician should learn at least the basics of Web server administration, such as 
how to upload files to a Web server, and how to install and configure an e-mail form-
handling script.  
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