Provide opportunities to practice 
All of what it takes to build professional-quality sites can t be learned in a week or two. 
The finer points of Web publishing are learned through working on sites and talking with 
other Web staffers. Just like a doctor in residency or an apprentice plumber, people 
building Web sites complete their education on the job. 
The Web team should be given the opportunity to practice immediately after training. 
With Web skills, it s  use them or lose them.  If an organization can t put the Web team 
to work on its site right away, its Web team should be given a peripheral Web project to 
work on. When the team does begin working, the first pages it produces probably won t 
be impressive, but the quality of its work will improve rapidly with practice.  
Encourage team members to enhance their skills 
There are several popular Web sites that help people learn how to do professional-quality 
Web work. Here are some that Web team members can visit to increase their site-building 
Webmonkey (www.webmonkey.com) 
A how-to site for people building Web sites, filled with excellent tutorials and resources. 
Its tutorials, on adding forms to sites, making graphic backgrounds transparent, and 
similar subjects, are clearly-written in plain English. 
 EchoEcho (www.echoecho.com) 
Even more tutorials than Webmonkey, and all clear and detailed. Also, this site contains 
helpful statistics on the percentage of people using different browsers, monitor settings, 
platforms, and other technology used to view Web pages. 
Project Cool (www.projectcool.com) 
As its proprietors put it, Project Cool is  a network of websites sharing the common belief 
that anyone can make a great website if given knowledge, guidance and inspiration.  An 
good section of the site is Sightings, featuring a different example of cutting-edge Web 
design every day. 
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