Organize  47 
Get approval 
Show the content list to the Decision-Maker, make any necessary changes, then have the 
Decision-Maker sign off on it. Since this is the first document that the Decision-Maker 
approves, establish a precedent for timely approval.  
Tip: Limit approval periods 
Open-ended approval periods can slow down work significantly, so when submitting the 
content list, try to have the Decision-Maker agree to approving it within a certain period 
of time. If the Decision-Maker is the sole reviewer, two days is ideal. That way, if there are 
any changes to be made, the content list can be resubmitted and approved within a week.  
If the Decision-Maker would like to solicit input from other members of the 
organization s management team, count on the approval process taking from one to two 
weeks. Whether the content list is reviewed by one person or many, try to set a limit of 
two days to a week for approval, and maintain that approval period limit throughout the 
site-building process. 
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