Structure content groups 
Understand the importance of structure in Web sites 
When information is hyperlinked, as on the Web, it can become confusing and hard to 
find. The purpose of a Web site is to provide a logical, organized structure so information 
is easy to find. 
In traditional media such as books and video, pages 
and frames are viewed in sequence. Traditional media 
have a linear structure in which information is strung 
together like beads on a string, front to back, 
beginning to end. 
Hypermedia, in which it s possible to jump from page 
to page and screen to screen, are non-linear. Unlike 
traditional media, hypermedia have no built-in 
organization. It s easy to get lost. 
Web sites are organized hypermedia. Web sites show 
people where they are, and where they can go. 
Information is structured and organized so it makes 
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