Determine content groups 
Working with the site s list of content, the Site Coordinator organizes them into a 
hierarchy of related groups. At this stage, a sophisticated chart isn t necessary. A tree 
diagram sketched out with pencil and paper will do, because the site s content hierarchy 
will change frequently before it reaches its final arrangement. 
Tip: Chunk content into small groups 
When confronted with groups of over seven items, people begin to get confused and 
forgetful. That s why license plates and social security numbers are segmented into groups 
of two, three and four digits: they re easier to remember that way. 
To make it easier to grasp, arrange site content in groups of three to seven. The Web site 
pictured below chunks its main-level content into three groups: 
Three main sections let 
people feel in control, not 
overloaded with information. 
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