Also, the site s size will determine its layout to a certain extent. Large sites need both 
horizontal and navigational areas. Small sites can use one or the other. 
Total pages in site: 6 
Total pages in site: 324 
Main sections listed in horizontal  
Main sections listed in horizontal  
navigation bar 
navigation bar 
Subsections arrayed in vertical  
navigation area 
When the model is finished, it should be reviewed by the Web team to make sure it can be 
easily updated, downloads quickly, and includes a user-friendly navigational layout. It 
should also be shown to the Audience Test Group to solicit their impressions. 
Get approval 
Before the Site Coordinator presents the home page design to the Decision-Maker, it s 
important to plan how it will be presented. Design is subjective, and whether a design is 
approved or not depends to a great extent upon the perceptions and personality of the 
When submitting site designs for approval, the Site Coordinator should use the 
personality profiling charts on pages 11 and 12 to present designs in a way that s 
comfortable to the Decision-Maker. 
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