A good example is this text from a 
 that was edited down to this 
company s capability statement  
for use on its home page. 
ACME's corporate experience has been both diverse and 
wide ranging.  As a small, responsive organization, 
Management and technology 
ACME has had the opportunity to develop itself in a 
consulting on Health and Disability. 
uniquely different manner than that pursued by most 
other 8(a) companies.  ACME recognizes the importance 
Why work with ACME on health and 
of the maintenance of a steady cash flow coupled with 
disability projects? We're a better 8(a). 
prompt and consistent payments to vendors, 
subcontractors, and especially its own employees.  
ACME meets these financial goals by continually 
maintaining accessibility to working capital in excess of 
one million dollars.  In addition to sound financial 
practices, the combination of responsible business 
management strategies and employees  extensive 
technical skills have created for ACME a reputation of 
quality, reliability, and fiscal integrity unmatched by 
comparable 8(a) firms. 
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