Construct a working draft 
At this point, a draft version of the site is created. Work on the site draft proceeds 
according to the work plan, with the Site Coordinator supervising construction and 
keeping things on track.  
To make pages in the site draft available for review, they can be posted to a test directory. 
For instance, if the Web address for the  live  site is, the working 
draft could be posted to 
Tip: Employ page templates 
Using pre-fabricated page templates is an excellent way to keep sites consistent. Templates 
save work, make adhering to standards easier, and minimize mistakes. All current site-
building programs allow the creation of templates, and most automatically update pages 
created from the template when the template is changed. 
Using the design models, create a template for each section of the site. Make the templates 
available for use by the Web team in building the site draft.  
This template can be used to 
create pages in these four 
Editable regions of page 
Page template in Macromedia Dreamweaver 
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