80  Maintain
Establish guidelines for structure and design 
No Web site stays the same for long. As a site undergoes changes and additions, it can 
easily develop inconsistent looks among its sections, accumulate dead-end links, and 
accrue superfluous information. The key to avoiding this is to establish guidelines for the 
site s structure and design. 
Implement design guidelines 
Establishing guidelines for site design ensures that updates and additions to the site look 
consistent with the rest of its pages. These should include instructions for: 
How the logo should be displayed 
What colors and fonts should be used 
How navigation and content should be arranged 
Include the site blueprint 
The site blueprint, which diagrammed the site s content groups for its construction, can 
help determine where new content should go. When adding information to a site, look at 
the site blueprint and figure out into which content group it logically fits. Then post it to 
the site in the appropriate section. 
Site blueprint 
New content 
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