82  Maintain
Specify workflow for site additions 
When new pages or sections need to be added to the site, workflow procedures should 
specify who will do the work and how it will be approved. The following workflow system 
streamlines site additions: 
1.  Submit 
New information to be posted on the Web site is submitted to the Site 
2.  Designate 
The Site Coordinator determines where in the site the new information should go, 
then delegates the task of posting it to a Site Builder. 
3.  Test 
Site Builders create pages with the new information using appropriate templates. 
After sending them to the site copy on the office s file server, the Site Builders test 
them for link integrity and formatting. 
4.  Post 
The Site Coordinator reviews the changes on the local file server. After approving 
them, the new pages are posted live to the Web site. 
Tip: Use workflow features 
All current site-building programs contain workflow features that allow permissions and 
tasks to be controlled and monitored. 
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