Conduct an initial meeting 
This initial meeting gives you a chance to answer questions: 
 Will the site be done 
in time to print the 
Web address in our 
magazine ads? 
Submission deadline is 
three weeks away.  
                                                                 Marketing Coordinator  
You tell the Marketing Coordinator that most Web sites take three to six months to 
complete, because one person's providing the content, another's creating graphics, 
programming may be necessary, and it all needs to be reviewed and tested. This takes 
time, even with the most basic Web site.  
 I m used to laying 
out magazine ads and 
catalogs. Will I have to 
do special graphics for 
this Web site?  
                                                             Graphic designer 
You tell the Graphic Designer that Web sites do require special graphics, but that he'll 
learn how to create them in a training class. 
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