Prepare the Web team 
You know the Publications Person, Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator are 
good with computers because they use them every day. However, you don t use 
computers every day. You get by, but you re not proficient with them. You believe that, 
since you re leading the Web team, you ought to be able to use the site-building software 
Before you go to training with your team, you have the Publications Person tutor you in 
computer file management.  
 Thanks for letting me show you a few things about 
managing files on the computer. I think you ll get a 
lot more out of the training, now that you re up to 
speed with the basics.  
Conduct training 
You and the Web team work through the how-to books over a three-week period, helping 
each other as you go. After you ve finished the books, the team takes two weeks to build a 
practice site together: 
Web site for a fictional company, built 
from scratch by the Web team. 
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