Determine site content 
You have another meeting at which everyone brainstorms about what the site should 
contain and do.  
 It s seems pretty 
straightforward: the site should 
include information about our 
loan programs and rates and 
maybe some forms to apply for 
loans through the Web.   
The day after the meeting, you contact several of the company s customers and ask them 
if they would like to serve as a test group during the development of your company s site. 
Seven agree to serve on the test group, so you ask them what they would like the site to 
contain and do. Most echo the sentiments of this customer: 
 I think that tips on how to go about getting a 
mortgage would be helpful. I remember that the 
process was confusing until your people explained 
it to me. I think visitors to your Web site would 
appreciate it, too.  
After speaking with the customers, you decide that the new Web site should include a 
 Helpful Tips  section, and add that to the site s list of content. 
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