Conduct audience testing 
No other technical problems are uncovered, so you have the test group of customers click 
through the site draft. You observe each customer individually to see firsthand if they 
experience any problems. 
One of the customers asks, 
 Are these rates current?  
Despite the fact that one of the site s 
buttons is labeled "Check Today's Rates,  
the tester still isn't sure if the rates are still 
current. You make it easy for her by 
having the graphic designer and 
publications person change the home 
page to show  Today s Rates  
prominently, and in large text. 
Now that you ve made sure the site works properly and that it s easy to use, you submit 
the site draft for final approval: 
 I really like the site! Great job. I think it's 
ready to go.  
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