114  Scenario
Two weeks after the site goes live, the Marketing Coordinator asks: 
 You know, we've been getting a lot of e-
mail questions asking for definitions of 
mortgage terms. People are always very 
appreciative when we explain what things 
like 'loan-to-value' and 'debt ratio' mean. 
Can we add a 'Mortgage Terms' section to 
the site?  
You think that s a good idea. 
 Mortgage Terms  are the sort of 
information customers might look 
for in  Mortgage Tips,  so you 
decide to put  A Glossary of 
Mortgage Terms  on the  Mortgage 
Tips  page.  
 You have the publications person 
make that change to the site: 
In this scenario, you traced the creation of a Web site from beginning to end. Your own 
organization can employ in-house staff to build its Web site in a similar way. 
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