The  MacTotals  between 1997 through 1999 can be found at
. Here are more numbers gleaned from 
Apple s PR Department 2000 through 2004 from
. Those were 
table ized from
, which then got us up through 3Q 2005. 
Fudge Factoring 
There could very well be over 85 million Macs in use today around the world, but I created an 
arbitrary 20% attrition rate and  real  numbers may reveal themselves soon enough.  We can't 
factor just Safari browser numbers and because not all Macs are online (many folks are still 
using pre Mac OS X on their systems i.e. Mac OS 7 through Mac OS 9), or are left on all the 
time. If we factor in 2 or 4 or more people using most of those machines, than we have a whole 
lot more folks out there than we have previously been counting. Than again, there are folks who 
have kept their older machines and I've seen storage rooms stacked full of used older Macs (see 
Retiring and Recycling later) and even seen folks use them as high tech furniture, so even 
though the older boxes may be  retired , they are still being used somehow (Mac Aquariums for 
example). But for the purposes of this research, we can't really count those as being  in use by 
Users , now can we? (Older Macs don't become boat anchors, they become fish holders.) 
My Figures 
My best guestimate is that there is somewhere around 80 or so million Mac users worldwide 
today. I bet the actual numbers of users are higher. Why?  
   More than one person uses any given Mac if educational facilities are taken into account 
with labs.  The best anecdotes come from there as labs are outfitted with a majority of 
non Macs that are left idle, while there is a waiting list for the Macs to be used in those 
same labs.  
   Mac machines tend to last 10 years or longer. And older systems still have value on eBay.   
   Apple has sold a lot more Macs since 1997. 
   Quite a few Macs are used in institutions and enterprises to be used in kiosks, clusters 
and server farms. 
o  17% of Enterprises with more than 250 employees are using Macs. 
o  21% of Enterprises with over 10,000 employees are using Macs. 
o  14% of those are using Apple's Server software.
Now let's get a little crazy ourselves. Say that none of the pre 1997 machines were being used 
(and that's not accurate at all). So snap, we erase 60 million systems out of circulation just like 
that. That still leaves us with nearly 30 million machines (see the column in the table, Running 
Total Newer Machines).   
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August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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