Apple was claiming that as many as 25 million copies of Mac OS X were sold.  So let's go with 
that number. There are lots more that have not  switched  to Mac OS X, either because their 
systems are older (pre G3) or because they  can't , due to application software they  have to 
have  that hasn't transmogrified into Mac OS X mode yet.  
If we do as Apple does and add an average of 3 people to the Mac OS X based 25 million, we 
still end up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 million users that use Macs, right?  
Retiring and Recycling 
Do we remove 20% of the systems to either the recycling center or to retirement?  We created a 
Running Total Retired column, knowing full well it isn't any where near being accurate (unless 
Apple reveals to us a count of those machines that have been destroyed [or buried, like they did 
with the Lisas]). How many iMacs have you seen tossed into landfills? Many are repurposed, 
resold and even given away even now by the likes of Sun Remarketing 
), Recycled Goods (
educational institutions, government entities and others like
Apple has had their own recycling program as well (keeping machines out of landfills);
The recycling reports are in tonnage (
instead of machines and thoughtfully include non Mac equipment,
. There are also a lot of non CPU 
items like monitors, printers, etc. in that mix. 
Getting a recycled/retired CPU number is next to 
impossible, because Apple isn't the only one 
doing recycling of all computer equipment and 
peripherals. Remember, these are not the units 
that go back out into public sale. They get 
reduced back to metal, plastic and glass and go 
through remanufacturing processes in an effort to 
keep the environment  green . 
So for giggles, lop off another 6 million Macs and 
we are at around 24 million active, running, in 
use G3, G4 and G5 Macs. That is only a few 
million more than we have  retired  in the table. 
Is 20% attrition of total Macs ever made, too low 
a number? (That is my own SWAG [Scientific 
Wild A**ed Guess]). That is why we have a 
Running Total In Use column. Whack off the 48 
million at the top of that column and that still 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 8 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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