This type of PR is great for Apple, because it tells potential customers that others are buying 
Apple products. I personally hope that Apple is able to continue blowout sales of both the iPod 
and Macs. But I think the MP3 player market is getting saturated, so tremendous sales cannot 
continue forever. Obviously, what Apple needs is another killer device. I have heard some 
rumors of a video playing device. But what I have heard is really limited and mostly speculation. 
So I can speculate some my own. 
What I would like to see from Apple is a video player, hard drive based like the iPod. One that 
would let you transfer video to it via the FireWire 800. I don't know where the video for these 
units would come from, since Hollywood is so touchy about DVDs.  I imagine that Apple could 
sell videos, perhaps the music videos, so you could listen to and watch them on your new video 
pod (I hope Apple comes up with a really cool name for it, if they develop such a beast). But it's 
all dreams and speculation on my part. We shall see. 
But wait, there's more. In a recent article posted on the Forbes site, they indicated that Apple 
has moved up in market share to 2.5%, again while this isn't tremendous, it is upward growth, 
which his good. pc market 
.  They expect that Apple's market share will grow to 3 to 5% in 2005! 
Good news. Keep buying those Macs people ; ) 
In a related article,
they also indicated that conversion of users from PC to Mac was a lot higher when polling iPod 
owners. They saw a 19% conversion rate, versus an expected 10% conversion rate that was 
expected. This indicates, at least to me, that there is a  Halo effect  associated with the iPod.  
No matter how you cut it, new people buying Macs as well as returning sales are all a good 
thing. Perhaps someday we will see Apple market share back in the double digits. 
Apple making inroads in the server market   Not only is the consumer sales of Macs doing 
better, but apparently the higher end server market is slowly beginning to accept Macs as a 
viable option.  
As reported on the site Rolls Into the Data 
,  where once IT people would laugh if you mentioned Macs, they are now gaining 
respect and acceptance. This apparently is helped by the fact that Oracle supports the Mac 
servers with their 10g database, as well as a robust group of software that goes with the Apple 
Server. While the article mentions there is a long way to go before Apple is fully accepted in the 
market, the signs are good. 
A close look at the Moon   As you might have heard, Google has been offering their version of 
online maps. As would be expected with an innovative company like Google, they have added 
some features that really improves working with maps. My favorite is the ability to click/hold the 
mouse button, then move the map this way and that to get the exact placement you like for 
printing or viewing. A tremendous improvement over the standard click, then have the map 
redrawn a little, moved in the direction you choose.  
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
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August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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