One very clever addition to the map is the ability to access an aerial view of map you are 
interested in. It is pretty cool to get a map of your home area, then view a satellite image of it. Of 
course, there are people out there that will try just looking for interesting things. I heard that, if 
you know how to look, you can get an satellite image of Area 51 and some other recently 
declassified military sites, such as a nuclear bomb test crater.  
Of course, one of the most impressive maps is the one of our moon. They have listed the Apollo 
landing sites and you can move around an look at some impressive detail. For a real laugh, bring 
the zoom level of the map to maximum  I always knew this was true. Definitely visit
That's all for this month. Hope you enjoy being a Mac owner as much as I do.  
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August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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