Hacking Mac OS X Tiger: Serious Hacks, Mods and Customizations reviewed by Robert 
Author: Scott Knaster 
The Extreme Tech Series: 
Product Site: 
Released: July 22, 2005 
Pages: 408 
$25 USD $32 CND  17 GBP  22 Euro 
ISBN: 076458345X 
For those interested in modding their Macs. 
Strengths: Excellent hacks and mods not found elsewhere. 
Weaknesses: None found. 
Hacking Mac OS X Tiger: Serious Hacks, Mods and Customizations by Scott Knaster is a 3 part 
book covering tips, mods and hacks for Mac OS X Tiger. If you are into geeking or hacking, 
there is information within the pages of this book not found elsewhere. Sure, you can download 
the coding, but you will want the book anyway   and not just for its fancy nearly 3D cover. 
Scott Knaster didn't dream up all these himself, he had help from the  hack Pack  and a lot of 
others he has listed on his Acknowledgements page. The book is totally engaging starting with 
turnaround quotes from Bill Joy, who co founded Sun Microsystems and said in 1985 that Mac 
didn't run UNIX to 2003 where he said Mac OS X was a rock solid system and preferred it to 
Don't skip over the Tips section. There are items on unfreezing frozen .zip files, cloning widgets, 
putting the Dock at the top of the screen or sit in a corner, pimping the Blob, changing the dialog 
to something more friendly when apps crash, enabling Root, grabbing iTunes music videos to 
play in QuickTime through Safari, finding hidden tracks on CDs and iTunes, customizing X11 
and a host of other things. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 32 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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