Mac Annoyances feels your pain. Developed precisely for the individual who can't live without 
a Mac yet can't deal with its fickle temperament, Mac Annoyances provides solutions to scores 
of common problems faced by Mac owners. Contained within its pages are hidden (plus well 
documented) tips, tricks, and workarounds designed to drastically improve specific problem 
solving capabilities. The result: a significant enhancement of the overall user experience and a 
tremendous savings of time no matter which version you own.  
As always when I get a `hints' or `fixit' book, I ignore the author's instructions, such as to use 
the index to find the cure for that specific itch you get when using a product or software genre 
covered by this book. No way! To get joy from a book and perhaps learn a little, I needed to read 
almost all of a book from cover to cover.  
Therefore, in my reading of annoyances and 
their fixes, I would find myself at my 
computer scratching some of the itches I get 
when using Mac OS X Panther or Jaguar 
(Chapter 1). Annoyances with Eudora, my 
preferred email client (in Chapter 2), also 
kept me hopping.  
One delight was the author's 
recommendation of SpamSieve 
. An interesting 
chapter on the Internet starts with the general 
and then focuses more narrowly on both 
Safari, other browsers and the now stagnant 
MS Internet Explorer (Chapter 3). Problems 
and issues with MS Office (the mother of all 
annoyances, see Chapter 4) those related to MS Word caught my immediate attention. Many of 
the annoyances were familiar, and the fixes were instantly valuable to me. The last section that 
proved extremely helpful was the information on hardware annoyances.  
A cure for ignored email is provided, its content has almost always been my habit. Prior to 
retirement I was fortunate to attend a seminar on effective email habits   the fix works. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 41 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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