Getting Back to Search Findings   Often when I do a Google, Food Network, or MacUpdate 
search there are more hits than I can deal with in the time available. This is especially true for 
recipe searches seeking novel twists for a major ingredient (e.g., asparagus.) I have comparable 
problems, super hitites, when skimming findings when searching upload offering on shareware 
sites. John an alternative to the hint on Page 64, is to drag the link (from my browser) to my 
desktop in order to `tab' where I am in multiple page searches   I can get right back to where I 
Shareware Links and More   The author Identifies shareware products for various 
annoyances that provide either specific first aid or enhance the utility of the wimpy features 
provided by either Apple or Microsoft. I'm downloading some of these shareware tools and will 
be writing about them in future macC reviews. 
UNIX (Terminal) Based Fixes   Some fixes require minimal knowledge of the Terminal 
Application (e.g., Apple's UNIX tool), but as long as you can copy the provided information, 
using Terminal as a means to implement John Rizzo's fixes is straightforward and easy. 
Annoyance unanswered  
Eudora   A missed annoyance in Eudora 6.2.3   No matter what I've done to try fix it, I can 
not get Eudora's settings (preferences) to default to AppleDouble (MIME) setting for encoding 
my attachments. The software, no matter what preference (.plist) files I've tossed, continues to 
revert back to `binhex.  Of course, most of my PC using friends and colleagues can't deal with 
that encoding. It's time to post this and see what John comes up with. Despite suggestions, none 
of the responses I've received from Eudora technical support have solved my problem. 
MS Word 2004   In MS Word 2004, when opening and working with a new document, 
attempting to change the format of a line of text (e.g., bold, italic, underline) reformats the whole 
document, as does changing font size. None of my books on MSW 2004 deal with that problem, 
and a quick Internet search gave me too many unfocused hits. I can cheat by using a blank 
document as a new document source, created in MSW X, but that's a drag. I actually mailed this 
one in to the author of Word Annoyances, but since its still driving me nuts. 
Minor Gripes, Glitches, and Gotchas 
Typographic Issues   The typographic conventions used in this book, in general, worked for 
me (Introduction, page xiii.) However, the bilious pale lime green type color used by John to 
focus our attention on important key points. Yuck, sky blue anyone? To make matters worse, 
many of the fixes that require using the Terminal to implement them are typed in very small lime 
green type that required use of a magnifying glass under 100 watt desk lamp to read. 
Trashing Fixes   Using    D for moving a file to trash (page 7) needs a warning. Better yet the 
author should recommend a product like iCan
, a menu trash deletion 
utility (macC January 2005, Volume 3, Issue 1) that provides information on the number and 
total size of the items in he trash can, something Apple eliminated when going to OS X. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 44 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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