The Mac Xcode 2 Book reviewed by Robert Pritchett 
Authors: Michael Cohen  
Dennis Cohen 
Andy Ihnatko 
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Product Site: 
Released: June 2005 
Pages: 350 
$30 USD $39 CND  19 GBP   Euro 
ISBN: 0764584111 
For Mac coding wannabees. 
Strengths: Well written with a healthy dose of humor.  
Weaknesses: A couple of typos. 
The Mac Xcode 2 Book by Michael and Dennis Cohen and Andy Ihnatko take a fun approach to 
learning how Mac Xcode 2 is designed. The authors were told to make it fun to learn and I think 
they did a magnificent job doing so. 
What? You don't know Xcode? That's okay. Learn it here. Crash course, but not un 
understandable. If all learning were this easy, we wouldn't need schools. 
These guys show how drop dead easy it is to  program  now with XCode 2. Literally anybody 
can do it and they show how.  
Will you be able to code after reading this book? Sure! There are 6 parts on the IDE of the Tiger, 
Coding, Dragging and Dropping, Building and maybe running Carbon, Cocoa, Java and 
AppleScript, Cat herding and Fleabaths by debugging, optimizing and using version control and 
of course, 2 Appendices on SDKs and migrating from CodeWarrior and other projects. 
I bookmarked the heck out of this book and you will too. These guys are great at making 
learning fun again. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 46 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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