Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed   Knowledge > Solutions > Mastery reviewed by Robert 
Authors: John Ray 
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William C. Ray 
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Released: June 29, 2005 
$50 USD, 70 CND,  36 GBP,  44 Euro 
Pages: 1,560 
ISDN: 0672327465 
Requirements: Mc OS X 10.4 Tiger. 
For Intermediate or advanced. 
Strengths: Easy to read and understand approach to both Apple 
and other solutions for using the best OS on the planet today. 
Weaknesses:  Nary a one. 
Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed by John and William C. Ray is a big fat, heavy book the size of a 
Bible. Well, that is exactly what it is. It covers everything, soup to nuts for Mac OS X Tiger, all 
1, 560 pages of it! 
John Ray and William C Ray are not afraid to let you look into the UNIX and FreeBSD side of 
Mac OS X and by the time you get done reading it, you've become an expert in Tiger esoterica, 
just as they have become.  
They didn't just drink the Apple Kool Aid, it is almost as if they invented it. They show the 
strengths and weaknesses, both Apple solutions and 3
 party solutions.  
You'd think a book this thick would be all textbook, but code is interspersed with pictures and 
explanations are well rehearsed.  
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 55 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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