There are 7 parts to the book from using Mac OSX, hardware setup and configuration, advanced 
user and network settings, introduction to BSD on Tiger, and advanced SD concepts server and 
network administration and finally, system and server health. There is enough stuff here to keep 
you busy until Leopard is released! 
I'm constantly amazed that every time I ready  another Mac OS X book  I learn something new 
and this book is so full of new learning it almost hurts! My barometer of a good book is weighed 
and measured by how many pages I've dog eared. This one is no exception.  
I learned about QuickTime Pro features, Dictionary integration into apps, Smart Mailboxes, 
encrypted messages and viewing mail activity, integrating apps designed for Linux such as 
CUPS foomatic drives and support software, security functions secreted just about everywhere, 
Perl, Python, MySQL, database access using ODBC, Apple remote Desktop, ProFTPD (instead 
of using ftpd and creating a webserver with Apache, and even some stuff on tripwire and 
learning about a little thing called listing the Bill of Materials along with the receipt files, with 
installations, and built in diagnostic and repair tools. If any of those got your attention, there is a 
lot more where that came from.  
This book is another keeper as an excellent resource for Mac OS X Tiger esoterica and 
triviameisters. This is not a codebook, but there is plenty of that floating around inside too.  What 
it is, is a reference guide built on all past Mac OS X versions and it just keeps getting better with 
each rev   just like Mac OS X. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 56 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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