Wicked Cool Shell Scripts reviewed by Robert Pritchett 
Author: Dave Taylor 
No Starch Press 
Released: January 2004 
Pages: 368 
$30 USD, $44 CND,   23 GBP,   26.50 Euro 
ISBN: 1593270127 
For Advanced Scripters, or scripter wannabees. 
Strengths: Cross platform knowledgebase. 
Weaknesses: Check out the Oopsies link. 
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts by Dave Taylor is a hands on book. Not really a tutorial, but more of a 
cross platform scripting cookbook. Dave Taylor appears to be happy working Linux, Mac OS X 
and UNIX and provides no less than 101 scripts to do the job. The scripts may not be exactly the 
best way to do a job, but they are ant least one way. If you are into Perl, than this book may not 
be for you. If you have not gotten into Perl yet, than this book is for you and will at least get you 
into the ballpark, even if it doesn't exactly let you make a home run with every instance. But 
hitting a home run with every swing takes practice and so does scripting.  
The other book I reviewed by Dave Taylor  (Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger) kept referring 
back to this book, so I decided to request Wicked Cool Shell Scripts for review.  
Dave Taylor dedicates one whole chapter (about 16 pages) to Mac Scripting (Chapter 11). He 
also enjoys using the Bourne Shell. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 57 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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