The games is controlled with using a mouse and keyboard. The controls took a little while to get 
used to and at first I thought it was awkward playing with a laptop, but eventually I got used to it. 
But complex moves take a bit of control. 
There are three different modes 
of play; Action, Stunt, Racing 
and difficulty levels start at very 
easy to extreme. 
As Laser Dolphin, you start out 
in search of a spaceship so you 
can go after the alien captors and 
rescue the Prime Minister. Along 
the way you find some weapons 
of mass destruction. The first one 
I encountered was the guided 
missile that you shoot and the it 
homes in  on the target.  It's 
handy for shooting in the air and 
underwater enemies attacking 
you. More power ups for weapons get added later in the game. I just love the default weapons 
animation. I just think it looks really cool when shot.  Also on the levels, there are gold dolphin 
coins that restore health. 
The enemies in Laser Dolphin are plenty, and they consist of seagulls dropping bombs, 
underwater mines, gun turrets and missile shooting fish, to name a few. The mines for me were 
the hardest.  It seemed they had a sign that said,  run into me, it's a good thing .  Very easy  to 
me, seemed pretty hard, but your results may vary. 
In stunt mode you get to do as many tricks as you can to win medals. Tricks like doing flips and 
jumping through hoops. Medals include Bronze, Silver and Gold 
In Race mode you race through the tunnels, through hoops and making jumps through hoops. 
Just like the Stunt mode, you can win medals. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 65 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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