Level Editor 
Rounding out the game is a level editor. I did not test this, but you can create your own 
customized levels adding some replay ability to the game.  It does appear to have a learning 
The graphics in Laser Dolphin 
are pretty decent for a 
shareware game. They are not 
spectacular, but they are not 
bad. I like some of the effects 
of the weapons in the game 
and the movement of the body 
of the dolphin itself. The 
animation is fluid and smooth, 
although the levels seem a bit 
barren and not full of life like 
the ocean. Adding more 
animated scenery would 
definitely add to the game. 
Sound & Music 
My biggest fault is the annoying techno music in the game which plain is not good. The squeaks 
and squeals of the dolphin are fine, as well as the explosions, but nothing spectacular. The 
graphics bring a lot more to the game than the sound or music. 
Laser Dolphin is a fun diversion to play for a while. It's a good side scrolling shooter with a 
somewhat original character. The sound and music need some work, but the graphics aren't bad, 
except for the ocean being somewhat desolate. The level editor adds to the game as well as 
having the three play modes; action, stunts and racing. Not a bad game for the price, but nothing 
really exciting.  
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 66 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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