Characters and all objects in the 
game are all highly configurable 
from the animation to the sounds 
the character makes, in doing 
different actions, like shooting or 
jumping. Hopefully you have 
some artistic talent, since the 
game only comes with a single 
baddie, a snowman and default 
cabbage for scenery. You can 
also add your own graphics into 
the game by dragging and 
dropping. This goes for all the 
graphics in the game. PGF makes 
it really simple, except you need 
to have a source for the graphics, whether you create your own or have someone create them for 
you. My biggest dilemma is, is there a market for a stick figure action hero? 
During my testing with the default graphics and sound except for the added Nine Inch Nails song 
the game was not bad and could even be better with custom graphics, if I had any. What would 
have been nice is if it came with more stock graphics. But understandably it is meant for you to 
add your own. During the time I have had the Power Game Factory, it had several updates and it 
appears they are doing a good job keeping it updated.  
While the interface is well laid out and it is easy to use drag and drop and changing properties of 
objects, kinda like visual programming without the coding, I wish they had included a hard copy 
of the manual. For a program this highly configurable, I felt this is a must.  Returning  back to 
the HTML manual was a pain. But on the plus side,  the HTML manual and, tutorial is really 
easy to follow. 
At first I was a bit skeptical but Power Game Factory has a lot to offer, but in the end, I believe 
Power Game Factory is a great program for non programmers. It is extremely easy to use and 
highly configurable. Don't get me wrong. Creating a game won't be that easy. It still takes hard 
work, but at least you now have a great tool to do that work with. One thing I think is missing is 
a manual. Also, it does not have more stock graphics and sound but I really can't begrudge them 
for that since it is not really meant to make generic games from a template.  
Being royalty free and runnable without the development software itself is a definite plus. For 
any gamer or wannabe programmer who wants to make a 2D sidescrolling action game should 
take a serious look at Power Game Factory. Hopefully if this does well, we may see and 
adventure game version of this. To see all Power Game Factory does, check out their website
. Then let's see some new games! 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 69 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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