In Battlefront the battle takes place in 
two time periods; the Clone Wars and the 
Galactic Civil War. In the Clone Wars 
you play events that take place during 
episodes 1 3 Republic vs. the Separatists 
and in the Galactic Civil War, the events 
correspond with episodes 4 6 Rebels vs. 
the Empire. Each team has five different 
soldier classes; a basic soldier with rifle, 
a scout with sniper rifle, a heavy 
weapons soldier, a pilot that distributes 
health/ammo as well as fixes things. 
Even if the pilot is in the vehicle, it is 
automatically repaired. Then there is the 
last class, which is specialized for every team.  A Wookie smuggler for the Rebels, which has a 
bowcaster, mortar launcher and timed bombs. The Republic and Empire both have troopers with 
rocket packs. The last is the Separatists, which have the Droidika which can curl into a ball like a 
Pill bug and can generate a force shield for a limited time, power permitting. What's missing? 
Uh, Jedi of course. Why can't we play a Jedi?? 
Each team has different vehicles and ships available to them. Some of the ships include X Wing 
and A Wing fighters, Jedi Starfighters, Snow Speeders, as well as Tie Fighters, AT AT's, Snow 
Walkers and much, much more from each time period. The extensive collection of vehicles gives 
you a nice variety. Each is easy to control and add to the gameplay nicely. 
There are many worlds and time periods the battles can take place from Hoth, my personal 
favorite, to Tatooine to Cloud City. All ten planet's scenery are nicely done and very distinct. 
Ah, there is nothing like riding a Taun Taun or piloting a Snow Walker on Hoth. Hoth keeps true 
to the Empire Strikes Back with the Millennium Falcon sitting in the launch bay, as well as 
having a shield generator that can be 
destroyed like in the movie. 
In single player mode, you can select the 
Clone Wars Campaign, Galactic Civil War 
Campaign, Galactic Conquest or Instant 
Action. In the Clone Wars Campaign and 
Galactic Civil War Campaign you follow 
the events in the both sets of movies. The 
Galactic Conquest lets you take over 
planets one after the other. In Instant Action 
you can choose any map or maps you want 
and play them in order. All of the single 
player selections will lead you to playing 
with and against bots. As with most games 
the bots are kinda dumb and do dumb things like not running for cover or stand there and be 
shot, typical. The objective is to capture all the spawn points in the game by holding the position 
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Page 71 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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