Geek Tags = Chic Geek Jewelry reviewed by Mike Swope 
Manufacturer: Badali Jewelry 
Geek Tags Web Site: 
Manufacturer Web Site: 
Released: 2005 
$11 USD to $20 USD. 
White Bronze & Sterling Silver 
Target Audience: Geeks and those who love them 
Strengths: Imaginative, fun, uncomplicated, inexpensive, 
widening product line. 
Weaknesses: None. 
Who s Your Geek? 
We all know one. We may not admit that we are a geek, but we certainly know at least one. But 
Geek is now chic, with the explosion of the Internet and this decade s crop of record setting 
superhero, big budget Hollywood flicks. And there s no better way to advertise that you re a 
Geek and/or no better gift to give the Geek in your life, than a Geek Tag necklace or key ring 
from Badali Jewelry. 
Geek Tags in White Bronze or Sterling Silver for Everyone 
The Geek Tag collection offers a dozen plus designs in both key ring and necklace formats, in 
both base metal or sterling silver, including I [heart] geeks, uber geek, computer geek, comic 
geek, sci fi geek, gamer geek and others. Among my favorites are the computer code geek tags 
that require some kind of explanation or translation. For example, the 133+ tag translates to 
"leet." Then there s the ph3@r +h3 5k1!!5 tag, which translates to "Fear the skills." These are the 
geekiest of the geek tags. Though these geekiest tags are for hardcore hackers 
, there is a tag for just about every geek. Or there will be. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 74 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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