An Ever Widening Product Line 
The Geek Tag product line has widened briskly. Badali Jewelry has attended several geek 
couture conventions (including ComiCons) and has had several requests for Nerd, Dork, Geek 
Girl, Fiend, Goth, Punk and Chic Geek, to name only a few. These new Geek Tags are reported 
to become available in early August 2005. Badali Jewelry also offers custom phrases and logos. 
Contact Badali Jewelry for more information. Heck, send them your suggestions. I did. 
Anything More Would Be Less 
The quality of the jewelry is geek fitting. Reasonably priced, Geek Tags currently come in 
square and/or oval dog tag format as either a necklace or key ring. The jewelry is a 1.2 mm thick 
charm/pendant of raw white bronze or sterling silver. The necklace or key ring is silver colored 
key ring or bead chain. Paradoxically, anything more commercial would be less valued, IMHO. 
Bottom Line 
Buy a Geek Tag necklace or key ring for the Geek in your life! You ll love making your choice, 
and they ll love you for the gift that recognizes and honors their geek depths of their soul! 
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August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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