Introduction to doc_Babad s Software and Shareware Reviews
Three Great Software Tools for you and yours 
by Harry {doc} Babad, edited by Julie M. Willingham 
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respective companies. 
This month I continue sharing my software and shareware finds with you. As is usual, I continue 
to pursue my interest in utilitarian software and shareware esoterica and when something on the 
Internet catches my fancy, I provide you with a separate few eclectic tidbits. Remember, there is 
no rhyme or reason for my choices other then what appears interesting, amusing, or heavens 
forbid, useful. 
Note, for shorter reviews, I do a quick several hours long test run, at the very least, on the 
shareware items I review in this column, and may at time contact the developer when things 
don't work as I believe they should.   Such shareware review is never as complete as the 
multipage individual in depth reviews of the more complex software shareware products I do for 
When reviewing commercial software products, most of which are more feature rich that their 
shareware counterparts, I spend 2 3 days working with the product and in addition, I also take 
the time to read manuals, users guides and help files. Sometimes I read before I test the product, 
but usually it's after I get just a bit stuck. 
Indeed, for software and shareware reviews, where I agree with the developers' description and 
other comments, stripped of all adjectives, I unabashedly use them in this column. If not, you'll 
read about it, load and clear! [Aren't mixed metaphors wonderful?]  
List of Items Reviewed In August 
DEVONagent 1.7   DEVONagent overcomes the shortcomings that make Google & Co. such 
a pain when attempting to do a serious research. It provides more than 50 plug ins for search 
engines, scientific databases, and research tools, allowing you to do a more narrowly focused, 
predefined search using its plug ins and search set configurations. It has a clean, easy to use user 
interface that makes it a good tool for finding information on the WWW. [Editor: This one is in 
the Software Section.] 
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August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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