Software or Reviewer Limitations 
I do, as many of you remember, quite a bit of Internet recipe hunting. This is going to get messy, 
so bear with me. Usually when you turn up a recipe, the pages contain lots of advertising and 
junk associated with that web page. At times, the original web page contains a photo of the 
recipe. One can often get to a printer friendly version of the recipe, but it is a formatted text only 
file, so the image is gone. 
Six hours of trial and error coffee didn't help nor did the otherwise fine manual 
disappointment was my only reward. It may be possible to build a macro, either as one long and 
complex command and context chain or perhaps as a series of them, but I couldn't figure out 
how to create a shortcut for sequentially capturing recipe text from the Internet to MS Word and 
then subsequently transferring its image to my word document. 
The iKey software was not intuitive, but when I d learned its interface, it was surprisingly easy to 
use. Although my test time was limited, I found I could create, reliably, almost all the shortcuts I 
wanted. From the perspective of working with the product, and formerly working with 
QuicKeys, iKey is a good productivity aid for Mac OS X. iKey is cost effective shareware [$30] 
and at times will likely meet my relatively simple needs. 
If you are willing to take more than a few minutes to create shortcuts and can remember their 
hotkeys, iKey can be a useful shortcut creation tool. It can save you many, many keystrokes and 
reduce the tedium of repetitious actions. If you want or need a utility that allows creation of 
shortcuts to perform an action or sequence of actions, each of which can be launched by key 
combinations or menu or event, iKey is the utility for you. This easy to use, macro/automation 
utility can save time, typing, and hundreds of clicks everyday. The publisher noted that it could 
help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. 
iKey is not a tool I'm likely to use often (not my computing style), and it has a bit of a learning 
curve, but I rate it 3.5 macC's. However, if macros turn you on and automation is your thing, try 
and then buy the product. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 82 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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