Print Window 3.1.3   print folder contents listings from the Finder 
reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad, edited by Julie M. Willingham 
Developer: Searchware Solutions 
Freeware (includes 30 day demo of advanced version) 
Shareware (advanced version) $15 USD. 
Review Caveat   Since I did this review over a more extended 
time period than the author's free use of the advanced features 
permits, I contacted
, providing 
him with the final draft of this review. I have lowered my review 
score by 1 macC because of the developer's attitude. 
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher (some features 
require Mac OS X 10.2 or higher). Tiger ready. 
Size: 3.3 MB 
The software was tested on a 1 GHz dual processor PowerPC G4 
Macintosh with 2 GB DDR SDRAM running under OS X 
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of their respective companies. 
As you know, when Apple developed the Macintosh OS X operating system, they left out, for 
reasons known only to Steve Jobs, classic features we had loved in our classic operating systems. 
Some of these gaps have been filled by the folks at Unsanity
and other shareware developers, but I have long missed the ability I had in OS 9 to easily print a 
folder s list of files from directly within the Finder. Searchware Solutions has come to my rescue 
and yours. Their fine product is available both in a freeware version and in a more capable 
shareware version. This is the best type of "try before you buy" business model, since the clock 
doesn't shut down your free use of their product. 
So, What Does Print Window Allow You To Do? 
Print Window offers the ability to print a file listing from directly within the Mac OS X Finder. 
No more taking screenshots of a window or settling for text only printouts of filenames only. 
Print Window provides the works: icons, file information, sorting, and more! All it take is the 
familiar print command from the finder, you know Command P, and the contents of your 
folder can be captured and printed to either paper or saved to PDF with ease. 
Print Window Standard (the freeware) provides you with the ability to fully control what your 
printed listings look like. You can decide whether to include icons, file information, and page 
headers. You can pre sort file listings by a variety of criteria. You can even print your file 
listings in multiple columns on the same page! 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 83 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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