I've copied below, for your convenience, the publisher s description of the available options 
when printing a folder window. Working in advanced mode, I sent a few captured window 
contents to my printer to create a paper copy. However, in most of my work, I captured folder 
windows by printing to PDF. In addition, I also used the software to produce a list of files for a 
booklet to go with a data backup CD I was creating. By working with captured folder contents in 
`Print to PDF Mode', I was able to use Acrobat Pro 7 to capture the text listing and transfer that 
information directly to a CD label template. It worked both in AppleWorks and in disclabel; after 
all, you're just copying and pasting text. 
    Icons   You can decide if you want your file listings to include icons or not. If you do print 
icons, you can also decide how large you want them (16x16 pixels to 128x128 pixels). 
    File Information   With Print Window, you can decide if you want your file listing to include 
just the file names or if you want to print a wide variety of information about each file. 
    Look Deeper   Have a folder that contains multiple subfolders that also have files you want to 
include in your file listing? No problem! Print Window will allow you to automatically expand 
subfolders so that your file listing will include those files as well. 
Print Window Advanced 
Print Window Advanced is a new shareware program first developed for Version 3. Along with 
the other features in Print Window Standard, Print Window Advanced provides even more great 
features to provide improve your control of the final look of your file listings. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 84 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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