Print Window Advanced screen 
Print Window Preference pane 
    CD and DVD Covers   If you ve just burned a CD or DVD and want to include a list of files 
found on the disk, now you can! Print Window Advanced will print your file listing 
preformatted to fit in a standard CD or DVD case. CD covers will even print as a booklet, if 
your listing takes up more than one finished page! 
    Manual Expansion   Print Window Standard provides the ability to expand subfolders. Print 
Window Advanced also allows you to manually select what folders to expand. So, if you want 
to expand some and not others, that s fine. It s your choice. 
    File Information   Print Window Standard allows you to print information for each file 
included in your file listing. However, it doesn t allow you to decide what information to 
include. Print Window Advanced allows you to pick and choose what information to include 
about each file. 
Two wishes for a future upgrade. 
First, when capturing the contents of a folder that contains only a few entries, Print Window 
leaves a lot of space between that last item on your folder contents list, and the footer the provide 
capture information date and folder pathway. I created the image of my Print Window review 
folder as a PDF file and then removed the empty space in Acrobat Pro 7. It would be nice to do 
this in a simpler fashion. 
Second, can a template be created that allows printing the folder contents directly onto a CD 
label? There are only two CD Label formats commonly used in the US. Centered, two on a sheet, 
and diagonally placed, two on a sheet. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 85 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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