Print Window 3.1 is the simplest folder/file list printing software I've tried since switching to OS 
X. I had used more tedious workarounds, such a screen capture methods, but those did not give 
me the flexibility of choosing how I wanted the window's contents to appear. The flexibility of 
selecting not only how many folder levels I wanted printed, but to select and open only those I 
wanted expanded is a great feature. In addition, of course Print Window is far more flexible than 
it was in classic Mac OS. And unlike most shareware I've reviewed, the developer created an 
exceptionally clear and complete users guide. 
If you need to capture the contents listing of a folder window, this product is the only way to go. 
Download the product, try it out, and then swing $15 for the advanced version. From my 
perspective as a reviewer, testing 5 7 pieces of software a month   over 250 for macC alone, 
this one would be a definite keeper, but!  
The Rest of the Story   
Gentle readers, I write, as a volunteer, many software/shareware reviews and believe in 
thoroughly testing the product under review. However, I also have a life. Sometimes things 
happen that delay my review progress, although I do my best to complete reviews in a timely 
manner. (It s not easy getting old, you know!) So when I returned to review this product after 
tending to more worldly matters, I found that the 30 day free demo of the advanced version had 
During this process, I attempted to again communicate with the developer, asking for a NFR 
serial number to continue to use the advanced version (shareware) to continue my review, but my 
request was ignored. So, I finished my review of the advanced mode features the hard way, by 
again downloading the product a second time. Please understand, I flatly refuse to pay a 
shareware fee for writing a review about any product.  Nevertheless, telling you how to cheat on 
paying for shareware, is something against my principles. 
In summary, of the many developers I have contacted for the over 250 software/shareware 
reviews I have written, this individual is the only one who has refused me a NFR serial number. 
The upshot of all this negative interaction,  is that I felt compelled, albeit reluctantly, to reduce 
Print Window s score to only 3.5 macCs. After all, service is a key part of a developer s job, and 
other developers have continued to tell us how well our reviews serve to make their products 
more visible to you, our readers. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 86 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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